Man Arrested For Putting Up MLK Sign at MLK Memorial [VIDEO]

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: Written by Grant M. Deltz Associate Editor of Liberty Viral and The Libertarian Republic WASHINGTON, Journalist Matt Orfalea was participating in events on MLK  Day on the grounds of the MLK Memorial in Washington, D.C. He had set up a sign with a quote from Martin Luther King Jr printed on it, which

DUI Checkpoints are Unconstitutional

Written by Jeff Caldwell, II In February 2016, Kansas’ Supreme Court ruled it against the Fourth Amendment to punish suspected drunk drivers who refuse a sobriety test. The Kansas law stated a driver were to have his/her license suspended for a year when refusing a sobriety test. KSN reports, “The state’s high court, by a 6-1 vote Friday,

Nanny-State Democrats Push to Ban Drinking Coffee While Driving

By: Jeff Caldwell, II New Jersey legislation looks to ban distracted drivers. PhillyVoice reports the bill “calls for a ban on drinking coffee, eating of any kind and personal grooming.” If the bill passes, a person will get a fine between $200-$400 for a first offense, $400-$600 for a second offense, $600-$800 plus points on one’s

Black Man Shot With Hands Up In Front Of Autistic Patient On The Street [VIDEO]

By: Laura Meyers In Florida, an unarmed behavioral therapist was attempting to calm an autistic patient, was shot by local police when officers took the boy’s toy truck for a gun. The man was shot with his hands in the air, and luckily lived to tell his story. After he was shot, he asked the

Is This Woman’s Suggestion To “Abolish The Police” A Good Idea?

By: Liberty Laura Jessica Disu, a community organizer from Chicago was featured last night on Megyn Kelly’s show, saying, “We need to abolish the police, period. Demilitarize the police, disarm the police, and we need to come up with community solutions for transformative justice.” Do you agree with her? Perhaps, before we disarm civilians in Chicago

Single Mother Of Five Arrested For Not Cutting Grass, Children Left Behind

By: Liberty Laura A single mother of five in Cahokia, Illinois was recently arrested and spent 30 minutes in jail for failing to cut her grass. Ebony Conner says the only explanation is a complaint from the Village of Cahokia listing failure to cut her grass. “I’m from the State of Wisconsin, I’ve lived in

Second Video Emerges Of Alton Sterling Fatal Police Shooting

By: Liberty Laura This video appears to be at a different angle, slightly closer and more clear than the first video that was circulated of the Alton Sterling police shooting last week.

This Photo Of A Protestor’s Confrontation With Police Is Going Viral

By Grant Deltz Peaceful protest and civil disobedience have each had an imperative part in American history. In Baton Rouge, this young woman simply stood peacefully, yet firmly and in complete silence. While she did not have to utter a word, her simple calmness and poise expressed more than shouting ever could. She stood for her

Meet the Bernie Sanders Supporter Arrested for Burning a Flag on Independence Day

By: Jeff Caldwell Bryton Mellott, a 22 year old Illinois man, was arrested on the 4th of July for burning an American flag on his property. According to Mellott’s Facebook page, his name is pronounced Turd Ferguson. He has many Bernie Sanders photos and posts, including a cover photo of an MTV image of Bernie holding a