4 Ways to Stop Police Shootings

Written by Aaron Mathis With the recent unrest in Charlotte and numerous police shootings across our country, it is time we consider how to fix the issue rather than perpetuate it. It is disheartening and sad to see lives being destroyed. Here are 4 ways we can be the change: 1. Respect Each Other The

Jill Stein Doesn’t Earn Free Hugs Project Endorsement Just Yet, Where’s Gary?

The Free Hugs Project interviews Jill Stein, but leaves endorsement on the table for other candidates willing to talk. By: Crystal Byrd Good ol’ Gary Johnson, just spent a whole lot of money on memes, but missed this golden opportunity to get out the Libertarian message with the wildly popular Free Hugs Project. Green party

Nanny-State Democrats Push to Ban Drinking Coffee While Driving

By: Jeff Caldwell, II New Jersey legislation looks to ban distracted drivers. PhillyVoice reports the bill “calls for a ban on drinking coffee, eating of any kind and personal grooming.” If the bill passes, a person will get a fine between $200-$400 for a first offense, $400-$600 for a second offense, $600-$800 plus points on one’s

Police Invade Man’s Home Without Warrant, Mock Him With “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura A cellphone video from a man in Alabama shows police officers standing and walking through his home without providing a proper explanation for their presence, while also mocking the resident. The homeowner says, “Ya’ll don’t have permission to be in my home, sir. Ya’ll just walked in here.” As the homeowner tries to

Swedish Cop In A Bikini Arrests Man While Sunbathing

By: Laura Meyers An off duty police officer, Mikaela Kellner, followed her instinct and arrested a homeless man after he stole her friend’s cell phone. “My first intervention while wearing a bikini during my 11 years as a police officer,” she wrote on Instagram. “If I had been naked I would have intervened as well.” The thief

Philando Castile Took a Mandated Gun Safety Class. Can You Still Justify His Murder?

By: Josiah McElroy According to Bossip, Philando Castile, one of the victims of a senseless police shooting last week took a gun safety class at a place called Total Defense. Dan Wellman, the owner of Total Defense, told the Associated Press that Castile was there with his sister. Classes included instructions on how to comply

Seriously? Third-Party Ballot Access Petitioners Denied By Cops In Public Park

By: Grant M. Deltz It was reported July 16 that two Libertarians were forced out of a public park in Pennsylvania while petitioning for ballot access and were ultimately charged with a pending citation of soliciting and disorderly conduct. The Libertarians, Pat Sellers who is a candidate for Congress, and Dale Kerns were pulled over in

I’m In The Liberty Movement And I Respect Police, But I’m Free To Criticize Violence

By: Zach Garretson I have become very frustrated over the last week after witnessing so much hatred and disrespect within the liberty movement towards law enforcement. I want to be very clear, I have the utmost respect towards our police, and absolutely condemn any acts of violence against them. It is irresponsible and ignorant to

Senator Tim Scott Says He’s Unfairly Targeted By Police Because Of Skin Color

By: Liberty Laura Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) spoke on the Senate floor yesterday, and delivered a power speech about the”deep divide” between communities and law enforcement, and while some police officers are good guys, others are not. “I’ve experienced it myself,” he explains. He told of instances in which he felt he had been unfairly targeted

Is This Woman’s Suggestion To “Abolish The Police” A Good Idea?

By: Liberty Laura Jessica Disu, a community organizer from Chicago was featured last night on Megyn Kelly’s show, saying, “We need to abolish the police, period. Demilitarize the police, disarm the police, and we need to come up with community solutions for transformative justice.” Do you agree with her? Perhaps, before we disarm civilians in Chicago