He Acted Drunk Around Hookers, What Did He Expect? [VIDEO]

Someone sent us a video today at Liberty Viral which we thought was interesting enough to share. A comedian prankster posted a video of himself acting drunk around a bunch of hookers. What happened next is only unbelievable if you aren’t familiar with hookers.

Watch What Happens When You Steal Food From White People (NSFW)

A Youtuber produced a video prank where he walked around the streets of Manhattan stealing food from white people and taping their reactions. Most of the people were fairly non-confrontational, but even though this was a prank, the guy deserved to get his a** beat. From the video: Having your lunch money stolen in grade

Sadistic Woman Attempts Rape “Prank”

San Diego, California News Station – KFMB Channel 8 – cbs8.com Kathy J. Rowe, 52, admitted to playing a rape “prank” out of spite of a couple who bought a house she desperately wanted. She is currently facing charges for solicitation of rape, solicitation of sodomy, and stalking. She has plead not guilty to the

Prankster Goes Into The Hood To Act Like He’s Taking Selfies, Barely Comes Out Alive

An Internet prankster with Denniscee TV filmed himself going into the hood in New York and acting like he’s taking pictures of people, when he’s really just taking a selfie. After being assaulted several times, the young man learns a harsh lesson in what happens when you act like you’re taking pictures of people against