The 98 Things Facebook Knows About You

By: Liberty Laura Facebook knows your life. It knows what you like, what you don’t like, who you love, and anticipates your behavior. To do so, it has to collect a ton of metadata on your personality by tracking your activity. At least buy me dinner first, Mark… sheesh. The Sun reports: Mark Zuckerberg’s firm

Stupid People Get Hurt Playing Pokémon Go, So We Must Regulate It

By: Jeff Caldwell You have probably heard about the terrible things that have happened to people while playing Pokémon Go. Players have wrecked cars, fallen off cliffs, and trespassed. Now, the United States Government is worried about information the game is collecting. One Democrat wants answers from the company that created Pokémon Go. Al Franken, a US Senator

Privacy Win! Facebook Offers Encrypted Messages with Self-Destruct Option

By: Jeff Caldwell Facebook wants its user base to know they are serious about privacy. On Friday, July 8th, Facebook announced it is testing “Secret Conversations” within Facebook Messenger. These messages are end-to-end encrypted, meaning the only person, other than the sender, capable of reading the messages is the intended recipient, no one else- not even Facebook. From

Did This Topless Sunbather Have A Right To Privacy From This Camera Drone?

Someone with a camera drone trolled a topless sunbather on the roof of a building. The video is going viral and has people asking the question about just how much privacy citizens should expect in the era of drone proliferation.

These Are The Top 10 Libertarians Who Like Cuddling

Facebook’s a very interesting tool, and it shows you what people around the world like. Using their graph search technology, Facebook can tell you what people like in relation to their other interests. We hatched a study today based on people who like our website in order to find out what other things they enjoy. It

Couple Got A Police Visit After Searching Pressure Cookers. CBS Reported: “Home Searched By Terrorists”

The home of Long Island residents Michele Catalano and her husband were searched by police back in August of 2013 after they performed an Internet search for pressure cookers. In a slightly ironic twist, the CBS report on the story reported that the home was searched by “terrorists.” Authorities claim that the searches came because

Hot Libertarian Women Debate: Privacy, Foreign Policy & War

Two of the Top 20 Hot Libertarian Women,’s Tiffany Madison and Sex and the State blogger Cathy Reisenwitz, debate the latest from the Supreme Court’s privacy ruling on warrants for cell phones. Reisenwitz and Madison expand the discussion into recent the recent foreign policy debate over Iraq as well as Rand Paul’s comments on airstrikes.

BREAKING: Supreme Courts Bans Police From Warrantless Cell Phone Searches

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled on Wednesday that police officers are not allowed to snoop on people’s cell phones without a warrant. The decision was totally unanimous. Police agencies formerly had argued that searching on a cell phone was the same thing as asking someone to turn out their pockets. The SCOTUS