He Acted Drunk Around Hookers, What Did He Expect? [VIDEO]

Someone sent us a video today at Liberty Viral which we thought was interesting enough to share. A comedian prankster posted a video of himself acting drunk around a bunch of hookers. What happened next is only unbelievable if you aren’t familiar with hookers.

Prostitutes: Our Sales Are Down, We’re Blaming Tinder!

“Bigger Dey Are De Harder Dey Fall” Hookers are reporting a shortage of clients these days, and they think that dating apps like Tinder are to blame. Stuff Online reported that New Zealand Prostitutes’ Collective national co-ordinator Catherine Healy says that hookers are looking for work because the rise of technology has made easy hookups ubiquitous. “In the

Teen Prostitute Allegedly Had A Line Of Customers Outside The Boy’s Bathroom At School

WBTV 3 News, Weather, Sports, and Traffic for Charlotte, NC SHELBY COUNTY, TN – Several students have been suspended from Bolton High School after an alleged prostitution incident. WMC Action news reported that a 14-year-old teen was selling sex, and had a line of male students out the door of the boy’s bathroom. From Action

Sexy Bikini Coffee Barista Shop Owner Charged With Prostitution

The owner of a lucrative chain of coffee restaurants, Carmela Panico, was arrested and charged with prostitution and money laundering after a two-year investigation. Girls at her chains reportedly performed sex acts on each other for customers as they brewed their coffees. Panico allegedly ran “drive-through brothels” which earned millions in profits for her and her