Which ‘Sons of Liberty’ Character Are You? [QUIZ]

The History Channel’s latest “Sons of Liberty” mini-series has generated a ton of interest about the founding fathers of the United States. Everyone likes to identify with a favorite one, but based on your philosophical viewpoints, which one would you have most aligned with? Answer this very short quiz to find out! [postriddle data_game=”//www.riddle.com/Personality/Embedded/316-Which+Founding+Father+Are+You%3F+” data_width=”100%”

How Well Do You Know The History Of Liberty? [QUIZ]

Do you even liberty bro? How well do you know the history of liberty? Today’s Liberty Viral quiz tests your knowledge on a variety of subjects related to freedom such as war, elections, court decisions and economics. This is the official test of how libertarian you truly are. Think you’ve got cred? Prove it! [postriddle

Let’s Play “Libertarian: Hot Or Not?” [POLL]

Liberty Viral brings you today the game of “Hot Or Not,” where you can vote on your favorite libertarian activists! And before you start whining, let’s just get all the butthurt out of the way… OMG BAD FOR DA MOOB-MENT R WE IN HIKE SCHOOL SCREW U BIEBERSON! There. All better? Great! Now go vote!

How Libertarian Are You? (QUIZ)

Yesterday’s quiz “Which Celeb-ritarian Are You” was so popular that we decided to make you another one! Today’s quiz asks you, “How Libertarian Are You?” Our quiz asks 10 questions, and ranks you according to your answers. We’d love to hear your feedback on these new quizzes, so leave your thoughts in the comment section

Which Libertarian Personality Are You? [QUIZ]

Would you drink bourbon for breakfast? Do you get a lot of Facebook requests from creepers asking for your phone number? Are you more Mises or Hayek? Which libertarian celebrity are you? Take our test below to find out! [postriddle data_game=”//www.riddle.com/Personality/Embedded/303-Which+Celeb-ritarian+Are+You%3F+” data_width=”100%” data_height=”auto” data_recommendations=”true” data_share=”false” data_comments=”false” data_info=”false”]