Libertarian Party of Rhode Island Withdraws from Weld Rally

Written by Liberty Laura A press released published on November 3 by the Libertarian Party of Rhode Island states that they have withdrawn their willingness to host an upcoming event with Libertarian vice presidential candidate Bill Weld due to recent controversial statements. Here is a copy of the official statement:

“Operation Taco Bowl” Latinos Rally for Trump (VIDEO)

By Kody Fairfield Co-Host Liberty Coast 2 Coast  Follow on Twitter: @K0D_4 A group of Hispanic and African American Doanld Trump supporters have gathered in Anaheim, California to rally for their candidate and push back against Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. They are calling this rally “Operation Taco Bowl,” which is obviously a play off

Trump Campaign Uses Material From KKK’s David Duke?

By: Jeff Caldwell At a rally last week Donald Trump used the same graphic, while replacing the Star of David, from a graphic tweeted from David Duke’s account during July. David Duke in July | Donald Trump yesterday — Nathaniel Meyersohn (@nmeyersohn) August 12, 2016 This is not the first time Donald has been in hot

Weird Sh*t I Saw At A Donald Trump Rally

By: Grant M. Deltz Last September I attended a Donald Trump rally in Dallas, Texas. This event was just undeniable. I had to see this for myself. Let me lay out the series of events that evening held: For starters, the crowd was dressed to either see a Garth Brooks concert or WrestleMania. Quite a

Ouch! Hillary Clinton Heckled Off Stage After Only One Minute [VIDEO]

By: Laura Meyers Not everyone likes the Queen Bee. Especially when she’s a pandering, lying hypocrite in a pant suit. But I digress. After just one minute of speaking at a rally in Los Angeles, California, Democrat presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton was heckled off stage by protestors in the front row yelling, “You’re not welcome here,”