Mike Pence and Rand Paul Walk into a Barber Shop… [VIDEO]

By: Kody Fairfield Co-Host: Liberty Coast 2 Coast Follow on Twitter @K0D_4 Barber shops are the ultimate test for minority outreach in politics. A recognizable politician steps into a shop with cameras, everyone talks about cliché talking points, a photo-op is taken and the media leaves… unless you’re GOP vice presidential pick Mike Pence, apparently. It

Rand Paul SLAMS Hillary Clinton, Calls To Have Her Indicted [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura That orange pantsuit did look quite fitting on her…

USA to Sell $1.15 Billion of War Equipment to Saudi Arabia

By: Jeff Caldwell, II Weeks after the 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission were finally released, the Pentagon approved a sale of 130 Abrams battle tanks, 20 armored recovery vehicles and other equipment, worth about $1.15 billion to Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, August 9. Details in the formerly classified 28 pages have possibly linked a

Rand Paul Tag Teams With Bernie Sanders to Audit the Fed?

By: Jeff Caldwell  In an interview with Kitco Monday, Rand Paul announced he is going to try to have Bernie Sanders co-sponsor the The Federal Reserve Transparency Act in the Senate. Senator Paul states, “In January, I did get a vote and we got a majority, 53 senators voted for it, but as you know, in

Watch Rand Paul Explain Racial and Economic Inequality in Justice System Like A Boss [VIDEO]

By: Laura Meyers

SMACKDOWN! Rand Paul Slams MSNBC Host On Free Market Healthcare [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura  I don’t know about you, but at this point, I’m #StillRanding.

Senator Rand Paul Says Jonathan Gruber Should Return Taxpayer Money

from the editor: Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber is facing incredible pressure to speak to reporters about his gaffes that have imperiled the Obama administration. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky joined Sean Hannity on Fox News to question just how Gruber was able to maintain so many government contracts at both federal and state levels for

It Begins: Mitch McConnell Says Rand Paul For President 2016

Newly re-elected Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell has already made clear who he wants for President of the United States: Senator Rand Paul. “Obviously, I’m a big supporter of Rand Paul,” McConnell said to the Lexington Herald-Leader. “We’ve developed a very tight relationship, and I’m for him.” The Herald-Leader asked McConnell if it would be a problem

Ron Paul Says Republican Control Of Senate Means More Wars Are Coming

Former US Congressman Ron Paul, father of Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) celebrated the victory of Republicans taking control of the senate by tweeting a dire prediction. Some are already saying he’s going to be a big liability to his son if the younger Paul decides to run for president. Republican control of the Senate =

This One Dumb Reporter’s Tweet About Rand Paul & Ebola Got Deleted Pretty Quick

Reporters can be kind of stupid. We know because we at Liberty Viral are reporters. But this reporter, is especially dumb… and she works for CBS News. CBS National News journalist Katy Conrad deleted the following tweet after she realized that she hadn’t researched her target one bit. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky actually IS a doctor.