Brutal Sadist Spoke at Women’s March

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: Written by Carson Seeger Last week, millions of women across the nation gathered in a peaceful protest for women’s rights. The powerful event was an undeniable message to our President that his past sexist comments and his proposed policies towards women’s rights were unacceptable.  The event attracted plenty of star

An Open Letter to the Children of Trump Voters

Written By Crystal Byrd To the daughters whose parents have championed Donald Trump: Sweet girl, Please hear me when I say that no matter what you may hear around the dinner table or see your parents post on Facebook, your body belongs to you. No person has the right – or any business – to

Father Invites His Daughter’s Rapist To Dinner… Then Tortures Him To Death

DELHI, INDIA – An Indian man killed his 14-year-old daughter’s rapist after inviting him over for a home-cooked meal last week. The 45-year-old married man was killed by the girl’s father after having his genitals burnt off using hot tongs. Apparently the father learned of his daughter’s rape when the girl claimed that the man had

This Catholic School Teacher Is Accused Of Raping Her 16-Year-Old Student 30 Times

Former gym teacher and assistant girl’s basketball coach Megan Mahoney was arrested this week for allegedly having sex with her 16-year-old student. Mahoney, 24, was charged with 30 counts of statutory rape. The student in this case was unaware of the teacher’s arrest on Monday when questioned by the New York Post. The boy says

Sadistic Woman Attempts Rape “Prank”

San Diego, California News Station – KFMB Channel 8 – Kathy J. Rowe, 52, admitted to playing a rape “prank” out of spite of a couple who bought a house she desperately wanted. She is currently facing charges for solicitation of rape, solicitation of sodomy, and stalking. She has plead not guilty to the

Here Are 10 Idiotic “Don’t Rape You Stupid, Stupid Man” Rules Generated By Feminists

A new flier generated by a feminist group instructs stupid, stupid men on how not to rape women. Citing such brilliant tips such as “use the buddy system,” and “don’t rape,” these rules are sure to have a profound impact on the male population at large. The sex magazine Gendersmash created this list because obviously

These Are The Stories Of Men Who Say They Were Raped… By A Woman (NSFW)

Can men be raped? A study by the journal Psychology of Men and Masculinity reported that 43% of U.S. high school boys and young college men report that they had an unwanted sexual experience. The kicker? 95% of the attackers were females. The same reports found that 18% of the encounters were a result of violent

Feminists Say There’s a Rape Epidemic, But This Government Chart Suggests Otherwise

We’ve heard it all before, there’s a rape epidemic on college campuses, and we have a “rape culture.” But if that was the case, then why does this government chart suggest otherwise? According to statistics pulled from FBI crime data, the amount of rapes in the United States per 100,000 citizens has dramatically declined from