Thomas Massie Considered for Science Advisor to the President

By: Jeff Caldwell, II Current owner of Liberty Viral, The Libertarian Republic and former Libertarian presidential candidate, Austin Petersen, received an anonymous tip from someone on Donald Trump’s transition team. Representative Thomas Massie is being considered for Science Advisor to the President. Here is what Petersen can share with us: Hey, I work for the Trump transition

Judge Napolitano On Trump/Pence Ticket: Will Manipulate The Constitution To “Achieve Own Ends” [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura In an interview with Reason Magazine’s Nick Gillespie, Judge Napolitano calls Donald Trump and his presumptive vice presidential pick, Mick Pence “conservative statists,” and suggests that “this is another example of ‘Let’s not preserve, protect, and defend our constitution. Let’s find ways around it to achieve our ends.’”