Ladies Rejoice! Cannabis Tampons Are Here

By: Lauren Mckinnon Ladies! Great news! A company called Foria has released the Cannabis Tampon! HOORAY! Ok, I know what you’re thinking… but this isn’t your eccentric aunt’s  hemp-knit, hand-tie-dyed Birkenstock of Cooter Couture. No no, not that at all. Yikes!  Hippie Hemp for Her. These are actually suppositories. Yes, that’s right. You can’t smoke the

Medical Marijuana Is Reducing Prescription Drug Use And Corporations Are Pissed

By: Dave Cox Follow Dave at and on Twitter @FairlaneDaveCox If you’re looking for an example of the misguided nature of big government, the drug war and corporatism, look no further than the medical marijuana. In a new article from The Washington Post, research has shown that prescriptions for painkillers and anti-anxiety medication are

Gary Johnson is Open to Government Subsidized Income

By: Jeff Caldwell In an article shared on Facebook by Our America Initiative, Gary Johnson is described as being “open” to the idea of Universal Basic Income paid for with a carbon tax. Our America Initiative states in the headline text of the post, “A Basic Income – though worrisome if a mere addition to the government mass now drowning the economy