Your Principles Matter, Your Party Does Not

[The opinions expressed below are of the author only and do not represent the views of Liberty Viral] By Grant M. Deltz I write this because it seems as if the “Party of Principle,” being the Libertarian Party, has now turned to favoring party politics over principled voting. Allow me to explain. When Austin Petersen, a 2016

Libertarians are Liberty’s Worst Nightmare

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: Written By Crystal Byrd Libertarians, we need to talk. We have a problem. We need to have a heart to heart and you need to hear and absorb some hard truths. If you’re not the reading type there’s an easy chart at the bottom to give you the breakdown.  If

This is Why Gary Johnson Did Not Do Well

By: Jeff Caldwell, II They said, “Gary Johnson is going to get 15% in the polls and will be included in the debates!” “Gary Johnson is going to get 5% in the election and elevate the Libertarian Party!” “Gary Johnson is going to win a state and force the election to Congress!” The people are

Reality Check and Colbert’s Heart-to-Heart [VIDEO]

Written by Jason Hinrichs Co-Founder of The Reformed Collective, and evidently one of the only level-headed millennials that exist. “Whether your side won or lost, we don’t have to do this shit for awhile.” — Stephen Colbert If I could describe the state of millennials, feminists, SJWs, and overall socialist loving America should-not-be-citizens in one

BREAKING: Donald Trump No Longer Believes in Santa

Written by Alex Furman  Follow Alex on Twitter @elvisandhismom This is a Liberty Onion article. All views expressed are satirical.  In what appears to be a continuation of Donald Trump’s efforts to become more presidential in the eyes of voters, the Trump campaign  released early today a statement declaring the Republican candidate, “no longer believes

How Many Taco Trucks Does America Need?

Written by Crystal Byrd Passions are ignited and people on social media have identified a crucial policy position for the candidates. America needs to know- just how many taco trucks do candidates support on American street corners? Here’s the interview with Marco Gutierrez who is a founder of Latinos For Trump:   Age before beauty,

GOP Freak at Trump Rally: Trump is Child Molester, Bashes Gary [VIDEO]

By: Grant M. Deltz Follow Grant on Twitter: @grantdeltz As I attended my second Donald Trump rally, I pretty much knew what to expect. However, I was shocked to find a fellow libertarian! Not just a libertarian, but a self proclaimed libertarian dressed up as a jester holding a giant sign reading: “TRUMP is a

Nazi Leader Says Trump Will Be “A Real Opportunity” For White Nationalists

By: Brittni Kates The head of the American Nazi party predicts that a Donald Trump victory would be a lot of “opportunity” to white nationalists. Listen below: Uhhh… That was my face when I heard this guy too. As if it is bad enough that Trump received an endorsement by former KKK wizard, David Duke. Not to

Sex Worker Conducts Poll: Republican, Democrat Clients And Their Fetishes

By: Liberty Laura Alice Little works at Sagebrush Range in Nevada, and says she’s a “politically-oriented person,” so this year, she had a bit of fun with her Republican and Democrat clients. In her blog, she writes: “Given the upcoming election and all the potential change it brings with it, I’ve been having more and

Angry Trump Rally Kicks Out Silent Protestors Holding Copies Of The Constitution [VIDEO]

By: Grant M. Deltz Recently, silent protesters where kicked out of a Donald Trump rally in Portland, Maine for standing up with pocket constitutions held in the air. The protest seemed to be mirrored from Khizr Khan’s demonstration at the 2016 Democratic National Convention when he held up his own pocket constitution asking Trump “have