Cheeto Harambe Goes for Big Bucks on eBay [VIDEO]

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: Written by Jennifer Giorgi May 28, 2016 was a fateful day for beloved gorilla, Harambe. On this tragic spring day, the 17-year-old Western Lowland Gorilla sprung to action when a child fell into the zoo enclosure. Harambe grabbed the child and pulled him to safety. A zoo employee, fearing for

Bald Eagle Protects Another Until Help Arrives [VIDEO]

Written by Jennifer Giorgi Follow Jennifer on Twitter @jejoagio After the year libertarians have had, we could all use a little motivational video. Although many of us will forever remember Orlando as a place where our shot at Liberty died a little back at the Libertarian National Convention, in the video below, one bald eagle protect

Dramatic Shipwreck Video Shows Rescue At Sea

Dramatic video of a rescue at sea was released showing the men from a sinking ship being rescued by the coast guard. The fishing vessel began sinking off the coast of Ireland with the men clinging to the sides as the boat was consumed by the waves. The unbelievably terrifying ordeal had a happy ending, as

Puppy Rescues Her Little Three-Year-Old Girl Who Was Lost In Siberia

The puppy of a three-year-old girl rescued her master who was lost for 11 days in the forests of Siberia. Karina Chikitova’s mother thought that the girl was with her father, but discovered after four days that she was missing. Chikitova managed to survive on wild berries and river water in an extremely dangerous wood

Dramatic Video Of Mountaintop Rescue In Iraq Emerges

Incredible video from Iraq has emerged which shows a dramatic helicopter rescue of Yazidi civilians who were trapped on Mount Sinjar. Mothers can be seen throwing their children on board as the Iraqi air force and Kurdish Peshmerga carried out the rescue mission. CNN’s Ivan Watson described the mission as “heroic.” He reported: “We landed on

Incredible Video: Commuters Rescue Man Trapped Between Train And Platform

Commuters in Perth, Australia rallied together to save a man who had become trapped between a train and a platform. The crowd gathered together in a show of solidarity to rock the train onto its side, saving the man from his predicament. What an incredible display of human solidarity!