Spotlight on a (l)ibertarian: Amy Hedtke

Project Veritas calls her a “citizen journalist”, or government watchdog. The article highlighting her that she likes the best calls her an “anarchist/Republican activist”, and at one point compares her to Marilyn Monroe. Originally, she was a “nice conservative home school mom”. She’s held some local positions, such as on a Parks Board and Library

The Homosexuality Issue is Behind the Republican Party

By: Kevin Enilc There is an emerging trend in the Republican Party since Peter Thiel’s empowered speech at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Homosexual conservatives are coming out of the woodwork for the first time ever, and loudly, proudly declaring their gay and political pride. After the Party’s first openly gay speaker in 25 years

A Video Compilation Of Awkward White Folks Dancing At The RNC [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura I want to have a dance party, but I want to build a huge wall around it so these people can’t come… sorry.

Hannah Montana’s New Identity: Tiffany Trump?

Hannah Montana fans relieved and hopeful after seeing her speak at the Republican National Convention By: Crystal Byrd Look, let’s be real, we all knew that there was no way Hannah Montana turned into the celebrity known as Miley Cyrus. It doesn’t matter how many frat parties or drugs Miley and Lilly got into at

Who Did it Better: Lady Trump or Lady Obama?

By: Kara Johnson In case you were not counting down the minutes to celebrate the official GOP nomination of Donald Trump, last night marked the beginning of the Republican National Convention. As we all know, with Trump comes controversy. This time it wasn’t the Don, but his wife Melania. During her speech, people noticed a

Mother of Benghazi Victim Calls Hillary A Liar At RNC, Wants Her Imprisoned [SPEECH]

By: Jeff Caldwell On Monday at the Republican National Convention, Patricia Smith gave a speech about her last conversation with her son, Sean Smith, before his death in Benghazi. “The last time I talked to Sean, the night before the terrorist attack, he told me, ‘Mom, I am going to die.’ All security had been pulled from

Watch Melania Trump Literally Rickroll The Entire Republican National Convention [VIDEO]

By: Laura Meyers Not only did Melania Trump’s speech plagiarize several parts of Michelle Obama’s from the Democratic National Convention in 2008, but she literally Rickrolled the entire RNC and live audience. Watch:

Trump Supporters Threaten to Kill Utah RNC #NeverTrump Delegate

By: Jeff Caldwell According to NBC, Kera Birkeland used the restroom at the Republican National Convention and emerged to a group of Donald Trump supporters threatening to kill her unless she leaves the state of Ohio, where the convention is taking place. Birkeland is a Republican delegate pledged to Ted Cruz and called for the Roll Call

Watch Stephen Colbert Troll The Republican Convention Like A Boss

By: Danny Kyle This morning, Stephen Colbert, acting as Caesar Flickerman from Hunger Games, blessed the microphone at the Republican National Convention. Accompanying him was his pet ferret. Inspired by his reenactment, Colbert went on to kick off the “2016 Republican National Hunger for Power Games” by mocking both trump and vice presidential pick, Mike Pence.