SC Bill Would Legalize Gambling to Pay For Roads

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: Who’s gonna build the roooaads? Well, one SC lawmaker has an idea. Enter Rep. Todd Rutherford, D-Columbia, who introduced a bill to legalize gambling which included a constitutional amendment question for the 2018 ballot asking voters if they desire to bet on horses and allow casinos in order to avoid

Donald Trump Releases Plan to Privatize Roads and Bridges

By Jose Borbon In a report from October 27th, University of California–Irvine professor Peter Navarro and private equity honcho Wilbur Ross – two of Donald Trump’s chief economic advisers – outlined the candidate’s plan to privatize new infrastructure development. According to the advisers, one of the goals is to transform around $167 billion of federal tax

An Argument For Anarchy On The Road

By: Daniel Kyle Perhaps your friends and family came down with a little syndrome known as #MuhRoads when you told them about Libertarianism. Well no need to worry! With a simple dose of road anarchy, their fears of safety and your love for liberty can both be met at just a portion of the cost.

Who Will Build The Roads Without Government? This Guy Who Was Sick Of Traffic!

Post by BBC News. A British entrepreneur built a temporary toll road in order to make a little scratch and ease congestion around a closed section of a road between the towns of Bath and Bristol. At a price of about $3, commuters are lining up to pay the man who is making their lives