Rule #1 of Robbery: Don’t Rob a Gun Shop [VIDEO]

Written by: Aaron Mathis Follow him on Twitter @the_real_Mathis Just when we think that hoodlums can not get any dumber, this dynamic duo attempts to knock over a gun shop. As if one of them didn’t think this was a bad idea? The following video shows a Mableton, GA gun shop owner shooting the suspected

Pistol-Packing Granny Scares Off Armed Robber [VIDEO]

Written by Jennifer Giorgi Follow Jennifer on Twitter @jejoagio An unidentified armed robber was not expecting to come face to face with this gun toting Texas Grandma. “When I started to get up, he was in here on me with a gun facing me right to my face,” Rebbie Roberson told KSLA News. “I tried

Who Did it Better: Lady Trump or Lady Obama?

By: Kara Johnson In case you were not counting down the minutes to celebrate the official GOP nomination of Donald Trump, last night marked the beginning of the Republican National Convention. As we all know, with Trump comes controversy. This time it wasn’t the Don, but his wife Melania. During her speech, people noticed a

Shop Owner Produces Hoax Robbery Video To Attract Business, Gets Busted

This has to be one of the most bizarre stories we’ve ever seen here at Liberty Viral. Police visited a music store owner in Kingsport, Tennessee who produced a hoax robbery video. The store owner staged a video which showed a thief attempting to hold up the store, and then strangely playing dead when the owner

He Tried To Rob A Dunkin, But Forgot That Cops Love Donuts!

PHILADELPHIA, PA – A robber tried to hold up a Dunkin Donuts store, but apparently forgot that the po-po loves them some donuts because he ended up with a gun to the back of his head. From the Philadelphia Police: Officers Sherman and Austin assigned to the 35th District were located in the parking lot

These Idiots Took Selfies From a Stolen iPad, Guess What Happened Next?

Ahh justice porn, you are my favorite thing in the world. There’s nothing like seeing someone get their comeuppance, and that right quick! When these two thieves stole somebody’s iPad, they did what morons do when they can’t make a legitimate living… screw up their lives immediately by getting caught! Dillan Thompson and Dorian Walker

Armed Robber Picks Wrong Car And Gets His A** Beat

A carjacker in Russia attempted to rob the wrong car and got a brutal beatdown for it.

Teenage Attackers Get Shot By Their Intended Victim, One Killed

MILWAUKEE, WI – A mob of teenage robbers are one gang member short today, after a man killed one of them with his concealed weapon. Police say that a gang of teens attempted to rob a man who pulled out his gun and began shooting at them. This particular group is reportedly responsible for multiple

Tuxedo Wearing Great Grandpa Beats The Hell Out Of Three Burglars

A tuxedo wearing great-grandfather fought off three crowbar-wielding thugs who tried to break into his home. Andrew Adamson was coming home from an event with his wife when he noticed that his front door had been broken open. Adamson soon realized that there were three intruders still inside when they suddenly confronted him and threatened

Listen To Woman Shoot Her Attacker In Dramatic 911 Call

An Arizona woman who was the target of a home invasion refused to be a victim, shooting her attacker with a .38 pistol that her late husband left for her to defend herself. 47-year-old  Cynthia heard someone breaking into her home back in May but she didn’t panic. She grabbed her pistol and called 911