Tourist Gets Slapped With $30,000 Fine For Vandalizing The Colosseum

A Russian tourist was slapped with a $30,000 fine for engraving a big letter “K” on the outside of the Colosseum in Italy. The 42-year-old man was given a summary judgment of the fine and a suspended four year jail sentence. The tourist was spotted using a pointed stone to carve the letter which was

Eureka! Man Finds Ancient Hoard of 22,000 Roman Coins!

A British man with a metal detector found 22,000 Roman coins last November. The coins all date from between 260 and 348 A.D. and are made from a copper alloy. “They just spilled out all over the field,” he said to the U.K. Independent. “It was an exciting moment. I had found one or two Roman coins