Russian Schoolboy Pesters Homeless Man & Gets His A** Kicked

We here at Liberty Viral are huge fans of what’s known as “Justice Porn,” so we spend a lot of time looking for content all over the Internet to bring you videos and stories in that vein. This video is no different. A Russian schoolboy is seen harassing a homeless man incessantly, chasing him and

Armed Robber Picks Wrong Car And Gets His A** Beat

A carjacker in Russia attempted to rob the wrong car and got a brutal beatdown for it.

Russian Policewomen Will Be Disciplined For Wearing Short Skirts

The Interior Ministry of Russia will harshly discipline female police officers for wearing revealing miniskirts. The ministry has imposed a ban against all uniform modifications that is in response to the growing trend of sexy skirts female Russian officers have been wearing. Deputy Interior Minister Sergei Gerasimov issued the decree that will ban any modifications