Store Clerk Opens Fire On Armed Robber, Saves The Day [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura Saved his life, his store, and hopefully future innocents from being robbed. Job well done. Liveleak News reports: Harrisburg, PA – A 19-year-old clerk who shot an armed robber in his mother’s corner store in Allison Hill Wednesday night said the incident hasn’t made him skittish. If an armed suspect tried to

When Your Country Has A Second Amendment, You Win Gold Medals [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura We’re not saying America won Gold in Air Rifle shooting because of our appreciation for muh guns, but… no. Actually, that’s exactly what we’re saying. ‘Merica.

Gary Johnson Talks Second Amendment Rights With Dana Loesch [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura Gary promises to be “honest and transparent” about his support and policies on Second Amendment rights. Watch here:

Totally Average People Take Firearm Class, Learn How To Fight An Active Shooter [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura In response to a lineup of recent mass shootings, many civilians are deciding to guard themselves against potential attacks with firearms and appropriate training. Here is one class in Los Angeles that’s teaching average-Joe people how to respond to an active shooter situation with a firearm:

Philando Castile Took a Mandated Gun Safety Class. Can You Still Justify His Murder?

By: Josiah McElroy According to Bossip, Philando Castile, one of the victims of a senseless police shooting last week took a gun safety class at a place called Total Defense. Dan Wellman, the owner of Total Defense, told the Associated Press that Castile was there with his sister. Classes included instructions on how to comply

Libertarians Love Gun Rights More Than The GOP

By: Liberty Laura The GOP asserts that it’s the party that fights the hardest for the Second Amendment. “Trust me, no one loves guns more than me. I love guns. They’re beauutiful. I have so many guns.” But in light of compounding recent events, we see that this just isn’t true in comparison to the

Is This Photo An Example Of White Privilege With Law Enforcement?

By: Laura Meyers In this week’s news, a police officer shot and killed gun owner, Philando Castile, at a routine traffic stop for an alleged broken tail light. The only video circulating at time of publication is the one recorded by Castile’s girlfriend, which does not show the actual shooting and events preceding it. The