An Open Letter to the Children of Trump Voters

Written By Crystal Byrd To the daughters whose parents have championed Donald Trump: Sweet girl, Please hear me when I say that no matter what you may hear around the dinner table or see your parents post on Facebook, your body belongs to you. No person has the right – or any business – to

Hilarious: Alex Jones Says “Gay” A Lot [VIDEO]

By: Jeff Caldwell, II I have uncovered top-secret government documents detailing Alex Jones‘ waffling desire within the gay community. No, actually here is another two-minute video of Alex Jones losing his mind.

Sex Worker Conducts Poll: Republican, Democrat Clients And Their Fetishes

By: Liberty Laura Alice Little works at Sagebrush Range in Nevada, and says she’s a “politically-oriented person,” so this year, she had a bit of fun with her Republican and Democrat clients. In her blog, she writes: “Given the upcoming election and all the potential change it brings with it, I’ve been having more and

STUDY: Millennials Are Having Less Sex Than Young Adults 30 Years Ago

By: Liberty Laura A study of nearly 27,000 people suggests that millennials are less likely to be doin’ the nasty than their parents were 30 years ago. The research was conducted in the US and published by Archives of Sexual Behaviour. The results show that young adults between ages 20 and 24, born in the 1990s, were more

Auschwitz, Sex And Dead People: 10 Weird Places You’ll Find Pokémon Go

By: Liberty Laura 1. Funerals  Sup dudes, I’m hella bored rn so i thought i may aswell play pokemon – Knzy — Colt (@TheColtRising) July 11, 2016 2. During labor at the hospital  3. Auschwitz  Today in “what the hell is wrong with people” – Playing Pokémon Go at Auschwitz? — Andrew Stroehlein

Café Offering Coffee And Oral Sex Opening In Europe

By: Jeff Caldwell Looking for more stimulants to go with your latte? By this year’s end, coffee lovers will be able to travel to Geneva, Switzerland to enjoy a new type of rise. Based off similar ideas already established in Thailand, the firm FaceGirl is opening Café Fellatio, the hottest coffee shop topic coming out of

Report: Female High School Teachers Had Threesome With Student

Fox 43 is reporting that two high school English teachers in Kenner, Louisiana allegedly had a threesome with one of their students. From WGNO: Police say that 32-year-old Shelley Dufresne and 24-year-old Rachel Respess met with a student from their school after a football game, and the three went back to Respress’ home to engage

Survey: Half Of Married Women Have a ‘Backup Partner’ in Mind

A recent survey of 1,000 women found that approximately half of married women have a “backup husband” in mind if their current marriage falls through. Some of the women reportedly even had more than one backup in mind. The survey found that most of the men in mind were either an old friend who always

Is This The World’s Sexiest Criminal?

Attractive criminals are all the rage these days after a mugshot of a man named Jeremy Meeks went viral and resulted in him receiving a lucrative modeling contract. Now a woman who has 114 criminal charges against her is making the rounds on social media. Stephanie Beaudoin is now being called the “perfect woman,” despite

A Devil Statue With Huge Boner Appeared In Vancouver (NSFW)

An enormous statue of Satan was erected in Vancouver and the Lord of All Evil appeared very excited to be there. No one knows how the statue got there. The pedestal used to contain a statute of Christopher Columbus that was removed a decade ago. Some prankster put an enormous amount of work into putting Beelzebub