Crazy Guy With Knife At Costco Shot By Off Duty Cop [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura A man armed with a knife was shot by an off-duty corrections officer late last week in Modesto, California at a Costco store. The 61-year-old man, identified as Gary Harlan Scott, was taken to the hospital, where he is listed in critical condition. Police said his condition has been stabilized. “He had

Totally Average People Take Firearm Class, Learn How To Fight An Active Shooter [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura In response to a lineup of recent mass shootings, many civilians are deciding to guard themselves against potential attacks with firearms and appropriate training. Here is one class in Los Angeles that’s teaching average-Joe people how to respond to an active shooter situation with a firearm:

Second Video Emerges Of Alton Sterling Fatal Police Shooting

By: Liberty Laura This video appears to be at a different angle, slightly closer and more clear than the first video that was circulated of the Alton Sterling police shooting last week.

This Photo Of A Protestor’s Confrontation With Police Is Going Viral

By Grant Deltz Peaceful protest and civil disobedience have each had an imperative part in American history. In Baton Rouge, this young woman simply stood peacefully, yet firmly and in complete silence. While she did not have to utter a word, her simple calmness and poise expressed more than shouting ever could. She stood for her

From A Former Police Dispatcher: A List Of Procedural Errors From Officers In Castile Shooting

By: Lauren Mckinnon I am a white woman. I do not know what it is like to fear for my life when an officer pulls me over. But I do fear for those whom I love who do live with that fear everyday just because of the color of their skin. I am also a

WATCH: Police Officers Run From Sniper Fire in Dallas, Texas [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura Here is cellphone video of crowds and police officers running to take cover from live sniper fire during protests last night in Dallas, Texas:

Trooper Requests ID, Blows Away Driver When He Reaches For It, Cop Arrested (GRAPHIC)

WFSB 3 Connecticut Trooper Sean Groubert is facing potentially 20 years in prison after firing on a citizen who was reaching for his identification. Groubert had requested Levar Jones identification over a seatbelt infraction which occurred earlier this month. When Jones reached for his license in his car, Groubert fired on him, wounding him in

Michael Brown Shooting Video: “He Had His F**king Hands In The Air!”

Video provided to CNN claims that Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri was surrendering to police with his hands in the air. From Talking Points Memo:  Two men could be seen on video reacting to the shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., in what CNN described on Wednesday night as exclusive footage shot