5 Most Libertarian Dinosaurs

Written by Matthew Mahler As kids we all loved those terrible  thunder lizards but did you know dinosaurs were more OG Libertarian than Bill Weld? Here are your top 5 Libertarian dinosaurs. 1. Ankylosaurus The porcupine of its day, these armored beasts roamed the land covered in armor and armed with tails to deal heavy blows

7 Signs You’re Totally a Statist!

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: Written by Katrina Ronneburg Statism sucks! We all know it, yet somehow this ideology is spreading like hotcakes. What could be done? There isn’t a vaccine or drug to detain this deadly virus, but you must save yourself! Don’t let the #bern take you! Here are some signs you might be slipping