Bipartisan Statism

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: Written by Josiah McElroy This article and more can be found at As a country, we have made the same mistake we made eight years ago. We allowed cult of personality to trump reason. We have voted for platitudes over sound legislation. Rather than promoting bipartisan solutions, we have

Glenn Beck: Progressives Exist in Both Parties [VIDEO]

By: Daniel Kyle Glenn Beck has fallen in love… with liberty! It seems that there are many in the Republican party that are becoming radicalized (with liberty). Glenn Beck was on with CNN, and he talked about his new book that focuses on the progressive movement. This movement is not associated with just Democrats. Its not exclusive to

How To Date a Statist: A Guide For Libertarians

By: Jeremy Watson So you’ve fallen in love with a statist? It’s alright. We lovers of liberty are outnumbered in the dating pool, so this sort of thing is bound to happen. We at Liberty Viral are not going to judge you for your lover’s (wrong) opinions. I’ve gathered some tips for how to flourish in