The Precedent of Words as Manslaughter: The Legality of Self-Ownership

Three years ago, a Massachusetts teen with horrendous eyebrows (and apparently a horrendous soul) encouraged another teen to kill himself via text messages. He did, and she was charged with a crime. But what crime? Negligence implies that one has a responsibility under law not to actively encourage suicide, and further requires proof that the

Death Extremely Common Near Clintons; Two More Bite The Dust

Written by  Your Third Choice Follow on Twitter: @YourThirdChoice There have been a litany of accusations leveled at the Clintons since the 90’s that, if believed, make the political careers of Bill and Hillary sound more like House of Cards plots than bureaucratic resumes. If it is true that “where there is smoke there is fire,”

False Rape Claim Leads To Mother/Son Double Suicide

By: Laura Meyers Karin Cheshire, 55, said she ‘could not see a future’ without her son Jay Cheshire, 17, who took his own life after being falsely accused of rape. On the anniversary of her son’s suicide, Karin hung herself inside her bedroom. A girl Jay had gone to school with “accused him of rape and

Teen Attempts Suicide, Cops Arrive & Kill Him

DC News FOX 5 DC WTTG Don’t do the government’s job for them. Christian Sierra’s parents called the police for help when they found him with a knife threatening suicide. Police arrived and shot him to death, claiming that he “lunged” at them. From the Washington Post:  Christian began cutting himself with a knife, his