Machine Narcs on Human, Possibly Saves a Woman’s Life

A machine called the cops on a human the other day. In it’s defense, it was merely responding to the command of a human. Strike that– it was responding to what it perceived the human’s command to be, but it interpreted it in an unintended way. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which

NASA’s New Super Camera Can Catch Rocket Booster Tests On Video [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura  It’s very difficult to capture a solid rocket booster test on video. It requires a camera that can film slow motion and handle the dynamic range between the booster and the booster plume. But NASA’s done it again! The prototype super-cam is called the High Dynamic Range Stereo X (HiDyRS-X) camera, and

Prostitutes: Our Sales Are Down, We’re Blaming Tinder!

“Bigger Dey Are De Harder Dey Fall” Hookers are reporting a shortage of clients these days, and they think that dating apps like Tinder are to blame. Stuff Online reported that New Zealand Prostitutes’ Collective national co-ordinator Catherine Healy says that hookers are looking for work because the rise of technology has made easy hookups ubiquitous. “In the

This New Phone App Will Help You Report Police Encounters

A new phone application invented by some crafty teenagers will help citizens to keep track of incidents of police violence. The app called “Five-O” allowed users to record and document interactions with police, submit ratings of law enforcement, and allow people to see how their departments compare to others. Users can also rate specific officer’s behavior

Sharks Are Biting The Internet!

The Internet has discovered that it is being attacked by sharks! Yes, that’s a serious statement of fact. But, oh lawdy, lawd… thank jeebus that Google is coming to the rescue. It appears we’ve known for some time that sharks like to bite undersea cables. The New York Times reported in 1987 that, “sharks have

Apple’s ‘Siri’ Helps Prosecute Man Who Asked Her To Help Him Hide A Body

A Florida man who is accused of killing his roommate reportedly asked Apple’s personal assistant ‘Siri’ for tips on how to hide the body. Pedro Bravo stands accused of strangling his roommate Christian Aguilar to death after an argument over an ex-girlfriend. Bravo was charged with murder but the body wasn’t found until weeks later

Engineer Builds A Navy Veteran A Cheap 3-D Printed Prosthetic Hand

Disabled U.S. Navy veteran Howard Kamarata couldn’t afford a medical prosthetic hand, due to the insurance co-pay requirements. So his buddy, an engineer named Casey Barrett, printed him one! Using 3D printing technology, Barrett molded an inexpensive replacement for Kamarata’s missing fingers. The best part of it is that if it ever breaks, it will

New Phone App Delivers Marijuna To Your Front Door!

It’s being called the Uber for marijuana. “Canary” is a phone application that allows smartphone users to have marijuana delivered to their front door. The creators of the application claim to be working within the confines of state law to allow the product to be dispensed legally.

This Sniper Can Hit A Target 500 Yards Away Without Looking At It. Here’s Why.

A weapons tech company has released a video that shows a sniper hitting an explosive target from 500 yards away without looking. The “Shotview” targeting system makes use of a pair of Android goggles to show how its technology can provide a tactical advantage.

Hospital Introduces Automatic Sperm Extractor

A hospital in China has introduced technology that is an automatic sperm extractor. The “hands free” device makes sperm donation easier with a massage pipe that can fit the height of the user. It also comes with a small video viewing screen to help the user feel inspired.