Everything You Need To Know About The London Terror Attacks

Written by: Aaron Mathis Follow him on Twitter: @The_Real_Mathis Just after 1:30 am London time, three explosions rang out near in the London Bridge area of London. This follows an attack that happened just a few hours earlier at 10:00 pm when a van plowed into pedestrians on the London Bridge and the passengers jumped

Democrat Congressional Candidate Says 9/11 Was “Deserved” And “One Of The Greatest Events In Human History”

By: Laura Meyers A former Manhattan prosecutor and defense attorney, Scott Fenstermaker, is getting blasted after telling Human of New York that 9/11 “was one of the greatest events in human history.” “I’ve had people threaten to kill me. I’ve had people threaten to rape my children. But I’ll keep saying it,” Fenstermaker said in