ISIS Takes Over Government Websites

A “hacking” group going by the name “Team System DZ” pulled off, what must be to them, another major victory. On Sunday, the team managed to infect a few easily accessible government information sites to show poorly written Islamic State propaganda instead of their typically unseen and underutilized public information. Let’s be clear here, this

GOP Baseball Practice Shooter in March: ‘It’s Time to Destroy Trump &Co.’

Law enforcement authorities the shooter at the GOP congressional baseball practice as James T. Hodgkinson (above, left) of Belleville, Illinois. There is a Twitter profile for a James Hodgkinson from Belleville, Illinois. The account was created in January 2014. The account was little used, but it does suggest the user was deeply interested in politics

US Funding ISIS: Democrat Sheds Light [VIDEO]

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: In a Wednesday interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard spoke of her meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the fight for peace in the area. As the conversation progressed, Gabbard recalled speaking to citizens of Syria and hearing the same thing over and over: Please stop supporting

Defense Minister Pinotti: Despite Hallmarks, ISIS Yet to Claim Responsibility for Italy Quake

By: Alex Furman This is a Liberty Onion story.  The country still reeling from this mornings 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake, Italian Defense Minister Roberta Pinotti held a press briefing addressing the likely terrorist attack. “While we cannot yet confirm, early intelligence does seem to point towards the Islamic State and its affiliates. Every hour it is

Young Syrian Girl’s Singing Interrupted by Violent Airstrike [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura A sad day.

THROWBACK: When A Sexy Pop Singer Pissed Off ISIS [VIDEO]

By:Mac In 2015, Helly Luv released her music video for “Revolution.” The video was filmed in a village near Mosul, Iraq where Peshmerga forces were fighting ISIS. Needless to say the video really pissed off the Islamic State, and unsurprisingly Helly Luv received many death threats. If filming her music video in an active war zone while giving ISIS the

Kyrgyzstan President: Women in Mini Skirts Don’t Become Suicide Bombers

By: Liberty Laura The president of Kyrgyzstan has attempted to dissuade women in the country from wearing hijabs, niqabs and burqas in assertion that Islamic dress allows women to become radicalized. He recently said, ““Our women have been wearing miniskirts since 1950s, and they never thought about wearing an explosive belt.” Almazbek Atambayev’s statements follow

Muslim USA Olympian Mocks ISIS Victims In New Photo…

Muslim-American Olympic athlete Ibtihaj Muhammad has made headlines for her religion. But questions are now circulating about a photo discovered of the woman posing, and allegedly mocking a beheading. Muslimmah Olympian making light of the atrocities suffered by Christians & Jews at the hands of her brethren?Sick! — AM (@AMTrump4PRES) August 9, 2016

Young Islamic Girl Sings ISIS Song and Cuts Head Off Doll [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura Don’t watch this too close to bedtime.

Gary Johnson “Would Love To Have Commodity Based Currency” [VIDEO]

By: Josiah McElroy Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson was asked about Ron Paul’s support of the Gold Standard at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas on July 15th. He said he supported any legislation that would allow for currency based on commodity. Later, he was also asked about taxes and how to combat terrorism. Refreshingly, he