Watch Donald Trump Praise Saddam Hussein [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura  At a rally yesterday in North Carolina, Republican candidate for president, Donald J. Trump, praised Saddam Hussein for being “so good” at killing terrorists.

These People Want Obama To Repeal The Bill of Rights

Prankster Mark Dice has done it again, with a video showing average Americans explaining why they want Obama to repeal the Bill of Rights. Dice’s brilliant setup asks whether we should repeal the amendments in light of the ISIS attacks on Charlie Hebdo in France. It just goes to show why it’s important for us

Here’s A Video Of A Screaming, Crying, Bleeding, Dying, Terrorist [GRAPHIC]

A man who attacked a bus of civilians, injuring at least 17 people in Tel Aviv, was recorded on camera after he was shot by police. The man was reportedly a 23-year-old Palestinian from the West Bank city of Tulkarem. Police shot him in the leg after he got off the bus. He was arrested

Young, White, Australian ISIS Jihadi Sends Video Threat To America

A video has emerged of an Australian Jihadist named Abu Khalid calling out a warning to the citizens of America, Australia and England.

Blonde, Tattooed Texas Chick Is Getting ISIS Terrorists Hot & Bothered

A blond, American woman is making foreign terrorists swoon after she publicly converted to Islam. Jennifer Williams, a terrorism research assistant at the Brookings Institute, wrote about her smitten followers: “A healthy number of them are Islamic extremists, including no small number of supporters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).” Williams claims that

Is President Obama Trying to Pass the Buck for Responsibility on ISIS?

The Sun News Network invited The Libertarian Republic editor Austin Petersen for a discussion over President Obama’s strategy to combat ISIS. Host Pat Bolland asks whether Obama is making a mistake in blaming his National Security Director for not foreseeing the rise of ISIS, when he has failed to attend most of his security briefings.

BREAKING: New ISIS Terror Video Targets Obama & Shows Attacks On US Troops

A new propaganda video created by ISIS called “Flames of War” targets the White House and shows attacks on American troops. The slickly produced video shows previous attacks, and a picture of the White House. The video appears to be the first response from the Islamic terror organization since President Obama declared that the U.S.

Ambassador John Bolton On ISIS: “I don’t think it’s an imminent threat…”

Former Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton stated that the ISIS terrorist group is “not an imminent threat” to America. In a brief interview by professional congressional debunker Jan Helfeld, Bolton did express a worry that some of the ISIS fighters have European and American passports. Bolton also stated that the risk of individual terrorism,

Here’s What You Need To Know About ISIS

Vice Magazine has produced a compelling, in-depth documentary which gives you an up close view of the Islamic terrorist organization: ISIS. If you’re curious about just what this group’s goals are, you should spend 42 minutes of your time and watch this doc. From VICE:  The Islamic State, a hardline Sunni jihadist group that formerly had

Iraqi Terrorist Blows Himself Up With His Own Bomb, Dies Gruesomely (GRAPHIC, NSFW)

An terrorist in Iraq attempted to plant an improvised explosive device but met the definition of “epic fail” when the IED blew up in his own face. Iraqi soldiers can be heard talking above him about the plot as the man dies horribly right in front of them. Apparently the man was creating a bomb