5 Reasons Bernie Sanders is the Ultimate Ass-hat

Written By Katrina Ronneburg Libertarians have known for a long time that Bernie Sanders is economically illiterate and lacks business experience. That didn’t stop us from saying that he’s at least principled and may be doing the wrong things for the right reasons. WRONG! Here is why Bernie Sanders is the ultimate ass-hat and morally

Man Pays Taxes to DMV Using 300,000 Pennies [VIDEO]

Written by Jennifer Giorgi Follow Jennifer on Twitter @jejoagio “If they were going to inconvenience me then I was going to inconvenience them” said a Virginia resident who showed up to the local DMV with 300,000 pennies to pay a tax. He hired helpers to count, sort, and transport all the change. If only we could take

It’s Expensive to be Fat in Philly

Written by: Carson Seeger Buying a soda in Philadelphia got drastically more expensive this year, as Philadelphia became the largest city in the country to adopt a tax on “sugary beverage” distributors. The city’s newest sin tax, which took effect January 1st, adds $.015 per ounce to most beverages being sold in stores across the

Woman on Scooter Shoplifts Dinner While Rolling Through Walmart

Written by Crystal Byrd Josseleen E. Lopez was arrested in Florida after rolling dirty through Walmart aisles throwing back a bottle of wine and some snacks. Josseleen told deputies she had just injected methamphetamine and was hungry. I would like to take a moment and say that while I do not endorse the use of

Woman Tries to Steal Trump Signs, Gets Caught in Booby Trap! [VIDEO]

By: Jeff Caldwell, II Check out this hilarious video of a woman trying to steal Donald Trump yard signs from a yard! She didn’t get very far because the owner had them anchored. While I do not support Donald Trump, I do not support theft. I hope she fell on her face.

Who Did it Better: Lady Trump or Lady Obama?

By: Kara Johnson In case you were not counting down the minutes to celebrate the official GOP nomination of Donald Trump, last night marked the beginning of the Republican National Convention. As we all know, with Trump comes controversy. This time it wasn’t the Don, but his wife Melania. During her speech, people noticed a

He Tried To Rob A Dunkin, But Forgot That Cops Love Donuts!

PHILADELPHIA, PA – A robber tried to hold up a Dunkin Donuts store, but apparently forgot that the po-po loves them some donuts because he ended up with a gun to the back of his head. From the Philadelphia Police: Officers Sherman and Austin assigned to the 35th District were located in the parking lot

He Acted Drunk Around Hookers, What Did He Expect? [VIDEO]

Someone sent us a video today at Liberty Viral which we thought was interesting enough to share. A comedian prankster posted a video of himself acting drunk around a bunch of hookers. What happened next is only unbelievable if you aren’t familiar with hookers.

Attempted Mugger Gets His A** Beat By Bus Driver [VIDEO]

An attempted mugger in Chile got instant karma caught on camera after he tried to rob a woman of her purse. Security camera footage shows him attempt to grab the bag and then get caught in the door after he fails and tries to escape. The bus driver drives off with him stuck in the

VIDEO: Attempted Armed Robbery Ends Hilariously

An attempted armed robbery in South Africa had a twist ending. The gun-wielding bad guys should have chosen a different profession… like track and field!