Poll: Most Americans Want a Third Party… Seem to Forget LP Exists

A recent poll by icitizen shows that of 1,176 respondents, 70% said the two current major political parties do not represent them well. The poll mostly focused on the opportunity or need for change within, or possibly outside of, the Democratic party. Democrats (75%) and Independents (81%) were the most interested in looking outside the two

Third-Party Senate Candidate Pulled from Debate Stage by Police [VIDEO]

Written by Liberty Laura Dr. Margaret Flowers, a Green Party candidate for United States Senate in Maryland was escorted off a debate stage when she attempted to include herself in the discussion. Van Hollen, a seven-term Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives and Del. Kathy Szeliga, a Republican, the minority whip in the Maryland

Clinton Campaign Wants Al Gore to Convince Millennials to Not Vote Third Party

By: Jose Borbon After having faced a rough couple of weeks with the presidential race tightening as well as health issues, Hillary Clinton is now trying to get back on track by going after younger voters that have tended to drift away to third parties. This Saturday, her campaign will be dispatching Senators Bernie Sanders

These 5 Polls Say If Libertarian and Green Party Presidential Candidates Debate

By: Liberty Laura Will the two leading third-party candidates reach the 15 percent polling threshold in time? The percentages are officially applied in “mid-September,” the Commission on Presidential Debates has said. RELATED: Commission on Presidential Debates Releases Polling Criteria  

Gary Johnson Is “Not Getting Elected King,” But Supports “Simplifying And Lowering Taxes” [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura In an interview during Freedom Fest last week, Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson expressed his support for simplifying taxes, while acknowledging the limits of presidential power. He notes that he is not “King,” and cannot make unilateral decisions as the other two major candidate seem to be promising.

Glenn Beck Is “Probably Going To Vote For Gary Johnson” [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura  In an interview today, Glenn Beck said that he is “probably going to vote for Gary Johnson,” and goes on to lists his distaste for the other two major party candidates.

Jeb Bush Considering Voting For Gary Johnson [VIDEO]

By: Laura Meyers Well, never thought we’d be here, but…