News from Down Under: The Global Effects of DPRK Threats

Written by Nora Campbell Recently, the DPRK has threatened the Pacific with nuclear arms, an action which could be extremely dangerous to Australia. No doubt, it was meant to seem this way, as we’ve also been accused of “blindly and zealously toeing the US line.” Since this, Australians have been wondering the same thing, is

Man Hacks Into Baby Monitor, Starts Whispering To Nanny

A strange man hacked into the baby monitoring camera of a Houston area nanny and made sure she knew that she was being watched. Ashley Stanley was changing the baby’s diaper when suddenly she began hearing a man’s voice talking to her through the monitor. “I heard someone talking on the camera monitor and I

Guy Gets All Rude In A Dude’s Face Until Subway Security Arrives And Then…

A drunk man was getting hostile in another man’s face, intimidating him and attempting to provoke him. After a minute or so of verbal harassment, the subway conductor arrived, and all of a sudden “there’s no problem!” Gotta love dat World Star Hip Hop!