Pandering Pied Pipers and Mindless Rats: Breaking Down the Right’s Reaction to a Ban on Transgender Troops

  by David Fisher Many people are familiar with the German tale of the Pied Piper, a colorful pipe player who enchanted rats to follow him around. According to folklore, he helped drive out plagued rats during an infestation in Hamelin in 1284. If you were familiar with the story, you know that he wasn’t

Trump’s Transgender Ban Has Nothing To Do With “Tremendous” Costs

When Trump announced this week, via Twitter and without conferring with the Department of Defense about specifics first, his intention to bar transgender individuals from military service, he did offer a rationale. He did not crouch it in moralistic or religious terms from some kind of social conservative worldview. He did not make a sociological

Minnesota Public Schools Approve “Transgender Tool Kit”

The Minnesota Department of Education has adopted a resource for teachers to use in classrooms to support transgender and gender-nonconforming students. More than 200 supporters and opponents attended a meeting last Wednesday to share their thoughts. The guidelines were approved by the “School Safety Technical Assistance Council” by the end of the night. The 11-page

BREAKING: Trump Bans Transgender People from Military

In a shocking and unsuspected series of tweets this morning, the President of the United States has announced that he will ban and purge all transgender servicepeople from military service of any capacity. The US currently has an all volunteer army, with people of all stripes serving their country. It is unclear the timeline or

Target CEO: Maybe that Transgender Bathroom Announcement Wasn’t Such a Good Idea After All

The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday ran a lengthy report in its business section titled “How Target Botched Its Response to the North Carolina Bathroom Law.” The story focused on Target’s controversial decision in April 2016 to publish a blog post responding to North Carolina’s decision to pass a law requiring transgender people to use

Is Living Life Better As A Man Or Woman? A Transgender Tells His/Her Story.

A reddit user who verified their identity as a transgender told her story about what it was like to live life both as a man and a woman. What s/he experienced will definitely shock you. From Reddit: You can call me D. I’m a 22, almost 23 year old transgender male living in the US.