Café Offering Coffee And Oral Sex Opening In Europe

By: Jeff Caldwell Looking for more stimulants to go with your latte? By this year’s end, coffee lovers will be able to travel to Geneva, Switzerland to enjoy a new type of rise. Based off similar ideas already established in Thailand, the firm FaceGirl is opening Café Fellatio, the hottest coffee shop topic coming out of

A Man Was Told He’d Be Kicked Off A Flight For This Tweet The Agent Didn’t Like

Duff Watson was asked to de-board a flight on Southwest Airlines after he tweeted something the airline attendant didn’t like. Watson had complained that he was forced to wait to board the airline with his kids without priority, despite being an “A-List” passenger. He and the agent outside the gate had a disagreement about the boarding

How Powerful Is Your Passport?

A new infographic was released that shows how powerful each country’s passport is, ranked by the ability for the holder to be able to travel worldwide. How far will your passport let you go? Click the photo to enlarge.