Russian Embassy Trolls Obama With Tweet

Written by Grant M. Deltz Associate Editor – Follow Grant on Twitter @GrantDeltz Following the sanctions placed on Russia by President Barack Obama this morning, Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised retaliation. Perhaps part of his retaliation includes the work of Twitter. The Russian Embassy UK, @RussianEmbassy on Twitter, released a tweet stating that everybody,

Shots Fired: Bill Maher Trolls Donald Trump Outside His Private Jet

Written By: Grant M. Deltz Follow Grant on Twitter @GrantDeltz Comedian Bill Maher and Donald Trump have never gotten along. We can look back to the days when Maher accused orange-skinned Trump of being genetically related to Orangutans, and the following day where Trump sued for $5 million. This time, however, Maher took things to

Gary Johnson Trolls Trump By Promising To Not Deport Melania

By: Liberty Laura After the release of nude photos of a younger Melania Trump, reports are circulating questioning whether or not the potential First Lady immigrated legally when she came to the United States. Which, if she did not, that would be antithetical to Trump’s harsh stance against illegal immigration. In response, Gary Johnson’s campaign released a statement

Watch Stephen Colbert Troll The Republican Convention Like A Boss

By: Danny Kyle This morning, Stephen Colbert, acting as Caesar Flickerman from Hunger Games, blessed the microphone at the Republican National Convention. Accompanying him was his pet ferret. Inspired by his reenactment, Colbert went on to kick off the “2016 Republican National Hunger for Power Games” by mocking both trump and vice presidential pick, Mike Pence.