Forbes Doesn’t Understand Memes, Ties Hentai to Trump Support

Something to remember when perusing the net: if it might be a meme, it is. Forbes picked up on the fact that tolls and edge-lords are purveyors of the internet’s more vague jokes, but failed to see why. In January of last year, Rick Wilson, a staunchly anti-Trump republican, was on live TV making some

Hillary Clinton Trolls Chris Christie On Snapchat With Video Of Them Hugging [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura  Hillary Clinton posted a rebuttal to Chris Christie’s RNC speech by posting  behind-the-scenes footage of a meeting between her and Christie on her Snapchat last night. The video was taken during an unplanned encounter on the set of CNN’s “State of the Union” earlier this year. In the video, Christie joked with Hillary, gave her a