Watch the Final Debate with Liberty Viral! [LINK]

Written by Jennifer Giorgi Follow Jennifer on Twitter @jejoagio Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will go head-to-head at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Wednesday night for their third and final debate which will be moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace. Tune in here from 9pm to 10:30pm ET (8pm

The Internet Erupted Over #TrumpDrSeuss

Written by Jennifer Giorgi Follow Jennifer on Twitter @jejoagio Feeling a little nostalgic for your favorite childhood stories? Have no fear; the election 2016 version is here! Well… the Republican portion of it anyway. People went bonkers as #TrumpDrSeuss started to trend on social media. Some comments were gross (but true), and others were hilarious.

The Working Man’s Case for Gary Johnson

Written by Aaron Mathis Follow Him on Twitter @The_Real_Mathis I’m a working man. I started my first job at the age of 11. It was mowing the neighbor lady’s lawn. This turned into doing yard work for the old guy down the street. Word traveled fast and by the age of 12 I was helping

Scientists Say Hillary and Trump Might Be Psychopaths

Written by Aaron Mathis Follow Aaron on Twitter @The_Real_Mathis Have you gotten to the point in this election where you’ve just thrown up your hands and declared, “These people are nuts?” Well, you may be right. In fact, Oxford University’s Dr. Kevin Dunton has been using the Psychopathic Personality Inventory to investigate the psychopathic tendencies of

WATCH: “Time of My Life” Parody with Hillary and Trump

Written by Aaron Mathis Follow him on twitter at @The_Real_Mathis For some reason or another this opening act of the debate did not end up on network television. Apparently, running for president and being in the second debate ended up being, as Hillary said, the “Time of my life.” Watch below:

BREAKING: Donald Trump No Longer Believes in Santa

Written by Alex Furman  Follow Alex on Twitter @elvisandhismom This is a Liberty Onion article. All views expressed are satirical.  In what appears to be a continuation of Donald Trump’s efforts to become more presidential in the eyes of voters, the Trump campaign  released early today a statement declaring the Republican candidate, “no longer believes

We want a wall! – Says Mexico???

By Crystal Byrd In a rather comedic turn of events, Mexico has decided that a wall along the Mexican border is a fantastic idea. Illegal immigration is indeed a very serious problem and needs to be curbed. Immigrants who cannot find reputable work often turn to a life of crime to pay the bills, victimizing

Twitter War Between Trump and President of Mexico

By: Liberty Laura Mexico’s President, Enrique Peña Nieto, responded to a Donald Trump tweet that said, “Mexico will pay for the wall!” He responded, “I repeat what I told you personally, Mr. Trump: Mexico would never pay for a wall.” Now we sit and wait. And grab some popcorn.

Gary Johnson Slams Trump’s “Photo Op” Trip to Mexico

By: Liberty Laura Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson gave a statement, as The Hill reports, last night that rips Donald Trump’s foreign policy trip to Mexico. Hi statements reads as such: “Americans, and particularly Latinos, deserve better than the performance we witnessed tonight from Donald Trump. He goes to Mexico for a photo op with President [Enrique]

Mexican President: Made Clear to Trump that Mexico Won’t Pay for Wall [TWEET]

By: Liberty Laura