The Los Angeles Times’ Misleading Assault on Uber

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: Written by Carson Seeger On Saturday, social media was in a frenzy over what many believed was Uber’s timid response to President Trump’s Executive Order regarding immigration. The response among the “progressive” left hit a fever pitch when rumors began to spread that  Uber had ended surge pricing while New

DUI Checkpoints are Unconstitutional

Written by Jeff Caldwell, II In February 2016, Kansas’ Supreme Court ruled it against the Fourth Amendment to punish suspected drunk drivers who refuse a sobriety test. The Kansas law stated a driver were to have his/her license suspended for a year when refusing a sobriety test. KSN reports, “The state’s high court, by a 6-1 vote Friday,

Uber to Release Self-Driving Cars This Month

By: Jeff Caldwell, II Fear for your life if you are currently an Uber driver. Pittsburg is on schedule to receive Uber’s first fleet of self-driving cars later this month. Don’t worry though, this should drive down costs for the consumer. Adding self-driving cars to the road increases competition and is a result of capitalism. It

Pokémon Go Inspires Entrepreneurial Driving Service For Players

By: Rebekah Fiedler Around the country, adults and children alike have been scouring their neighborhoods for Rattatas and Pidgeys, playing on the newly launched app Pokémon Go. The app uses Google Earth to show where Pokémon are located, so as players walk around, they can find the little critters and capture them in their Pokéballs. That means that more people

Mom in Labor Calls Uber Instead of Ambulance. Why…?

By: Liberty Laura Babies are expensive. Medical bills are also expensive. Last week, when a new mother in Australia went into labor, she decided to cut some costs and precious time by utilizing the free market and calling an Uber for a ride to the hospital, rather than an ambulance. “I’d never called an ambulance before, so