The Left Didn’t Mind Fascism Before The Election- Obama and Svoboda

Written By: Squiggly Line Guy Follow on Facebook or Twitter What a difference a year makes. From a goofy Reality TV style election to outright chaos in the streets. I’m sure many on the Left would love to return to those Barack Obama days, when they had an iron grip on the culture war with

Video Shows Rocket Attack Killing 12 Civilians At Ukrainian Checkpoint

BUHAS, UKRAINE – A newly released video shows multiple rockets landing near a Ukrainian military checkpoint. A bus full of civilians was hit, inflicting 12 casualties. Russia denied the attack, blaming Ukrainians for firing on their own people. Dashcam Footage:

Topless Protestors Demonstrate Against Putin By Pouring Wine All Over Their Boobs… Again (NSFW)

Naked protestors are all the rage in eastern Europe. Feminist activists from the group FEMEN recently staged another demonstration to protest Putin’s actions in Ukraine. This time two ladies poured wine all over their head and breasts to call attention to the Asia-Europe meeting, where the FEMEN activists claim that allies of Putin are aiding

Glorious! Ukrainians Bring Lenin Statue Crumbling To The Ground!

KHARKIV, UKRAINE – Two statues of Lenin were torn down by Ukrainians in the second largest city in the country. A wave of anti-communist protests has swept the country, with detractors claiming that nationalist Ukrainians are “fascists” and “neo-nazis.” Perhaps pro-Putinists simply don’t want to acknowledge that you can hate commies and nazis at the