New Overwatch Character Skin Sparks Political Controversy

Written by Gage Fenwick Follow Gage on Facebook at Gage Fenwick, Libertarian Overwatch is an online multiplayer game where players choose from a number of characters with varying skill sets, form teams, and fight for objectives and missions. As of January 27, 2017, the online game has garnered over 25 million players across all platforms. The game

Real-Life Luigi Defends Super Mario From Train Attack [VIDEO]

Bowser Jordan & Chubby Mushroom-Top Princess Attempt Curb Stomp… It’s Not Very Effective! Liberty Viral brings to you today an 8-bit tale in true high definition! OK, it’s 240p on Youtube, but still who cares? This is hilarious. A video, we’re guessing from Halloween, was uploaded showing a man talking mad trash to a guy dressed as Super Mario