SMACKDOWN! Rand Paul Slams MSNBC Host On Free Market Healthcare [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura  I don’t know about you, but at this point, I’m #StillRanding.

JUSTICE: He Tried To Ruin Her Day… He Got Instant Karma’d!

“But we all shine on!” The latest viral video from our “Swift Justice” series is from the far East. Some kid thought he’d pick on a fat girl and ruin her day. He proves once and for all that John Lennon was right… instant karma’s gonna get you. We love swift justice at Liberty Viral, and

Girl Caught On Cam Falsely Trying To Get Cop In Trouble For Sexual Assault

23-year-old Deanna Griego placed her cell phone in her bra after she was pulled over for drunk driving. Officer Jared Frazier is glad he remembered that little detail, and that his lapel camera was rolling when she called asking for advice on how to get the cop in trouble. Officer Frazier arrested Griego when she

This Violent Video Shows Why Every Single Cop Should Wear A Camera

An incredible video shot from two different angles, the dashcam and the cop’s bodycam, shows why every police officer should wear a body camera. Police in Celina are happy they invested in body cameras after video emerged of a man assaulting an officer. The first angle you see provided the assailant the ability to dispute