Road Rager Terrorizes Disabled Grandma With Child In Vehicle

From NY Daily News: Aided by tips from the public, North Carolina deputies arrested a 40-year-old woman caught on video attacking a disabled grandmother driving with her granddaughter in the car. Kristin Leigh Phillips, of Randleman, turned herself in late Monday after Randolph County Sheriff’s deputies posted images from the road rage outburst on Facebook,

Tax-Sucking, Power-Tripping Person In Blue Costume Pepper Sprays Peaceful Marchers

Garfield High School teacher Jesse Hagopian was pepper sprayed immediately after giving a speech at a Martin Luther King Jr. rally. From the PINAC blog:  A frantic Seattle cop was caught on camera pepper spraying citizens as they strolled by during a anti-police brutality protest on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, including a teacher who had

He Beat His Wife… So The Villagers Turned Around And Beat His A**! [GRAPHIC]

A brutal video of unknown national origin shows a man reportedly beating his wife, until several men from his village overhear the commotion and decide to punish him immediately for his violent acts. Domestic violence is no laughing matter, but there’s something extremely satisfying about seeing someone get justice dealt out immediately.

Armed City Councilman Defends Colleagues From Shooter, Two Injured

From the Controversial Times:  New Hope, MN – Just after swearing in two new police officers at a New Hope City Council meeting Monday night, a man outside council chambers opened fire with a gun on police officers, hitting and injuring two of them. Police officers at the scene returned fire and killed the adult

Doctor And Patient Fight, Fall Down Elevator Shaft to Death

An altercation which broke out between a doctor and a patient over medical treatment ended in tragedy last week, when the two fell down an elevator shaft and perished. The event occurred on January 24th in Luoyang City. CCTV footage shows the two coming to blows reportedly over a medical dispute. The fight ended when

Drunk, Psycho, Hose Beasts Cause Chaos At 7/11 [NSFW]

A bunch of drunk, psycho, hose beasts trashed a 7/11 yesterday, and the insane video of the altercation is going viral. This insane video is both hilarious, and epic. Share this with anyone you know who has a sense of humor.

Why On Earth Would You KO a 4-year-old Girl?

SONGDO, KOREA – Authorities in South Korea are investigating an incident where a four year old child was brutally slapped by an adult for not eating her food. Video of the incident has sparked international outrage at a teacher who was seen open hand slapping the girl over a triviality. From the Korea Observer:  “We

This Guy Stupidly Attacked A Man With A Gun… Now He’s Dead.

Security camera footage from a town hall in the city of Vila Velha, Brazil shows a man violently attacking a guard. The man was reportedly looking for his ex-girlfriend who works in the building, and became belligerent with a security guard who attempted to eject him. After the man began violently pummeling the security guard,

Cop Chases Down And Shoots A Fleeing Man [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

MUSKOGEE, OK – Body cam footage from an officer in Oklahoma shows him chasing a suspect and gunning him down when he reached to pick something up. Police officials claim that the object was a loaded weapon, but that has not yet been officially confirmed. From PINAC blog:  Officer Chansey McMillin said he thought the suspect,

Man attacks restaurant owner, owner fights back, grabs knife, stabs his attacker [VIDEO]

DAVENPORT, IA – A man by the name of Josh Hill was caught on camera allegedly attacking a restaurant owner in Davenport, Iowa. Hill is seen exchanging blows with the owner of the Chicken Shack, who finally tires of the battle and grabs one of his kitchen knives to stab his attacker. Hill is reportedly notorious in