McDonald’s Drive Thu Worker Jumps Through Window to Save Off Duty Cop and Her Family [VIDEO]

It was just a regular day at work for Pedro Viloria at a South Florida McDonalds on Tuesday morning. As one of his customers pulled up to his window she had no problem ordering and paying for her food. NBC 6 Miami News reports that when Viloria went to hand off her meal, he noticed the

Chicago Rapper Loses Faith in Government, Steps Up BIG

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: Chicago’s Chance the Rapper has won Grammy awards and high praise early in a career that was solely built through grassroots and social media. His early accolades had not inflated his ego so much to forget to give back to his community. During a press conference from his childhood elementary school,

An Argument For Anarchy On The Road

By: Daniel Kyle Perhaps your friends and family came down with a little syndrome known as #MuhRoads when you told them about Libertarianism. Well no need to worry! With a simple dose of road anarchy, their fears of safety and your love for liberty can both be met at just a portion of the cost.