Wal-Mart Removes “Fat Girl” Halloween Costumes Section

Retail super giant Wal-Mart removed a section of Halloween costumes from its website which were for “fat girls,” the Orlando Sentinel reported. The website URL was labeled “fat girl costumes,” causing sites like Jezebel and Buzzfeed to go apoplectic. [RELATED: Feds Spend Buttloads of Cash Studying Why Fat Chicks Can’t Get Dates] From the paper: The plus-size

Wal-Mart Thought This Nazi Death Camp Poster Would Look Great On Your Wall

Wal-Mart has apologized after they posted an advertisement for a poster featuring a sign that hung over a Nazi concentration camp. The poster read “Arbeit Macht Frie,” which means “work will set you free,” and was featured hanging at the entrance of the famous Dachau death camp during World War 2. Wal-Mart’s website stated that

Guess How Much Wal-Mart Workers Make In A State With No Minimum Wage?

A sign from North Dakota, a state with no minimum wage, shows how much workers at Wal-Mart make an hour. I guess those laws of supply and demand really do mean something? North Dakota has led the nation in personal income growth in six of the past seven years. From Watchdog.org In March, the Bureau

Wal-Mart Absolutely CRUSHES New York Times Hit Piece

Wal-Mart issued a scathing rebuttal to a hit piece from the New York Times which crosses out the inaccuracies and fact checks using red ink. The blistering blog post starts out like a teacher writing to a student with, “Tim, thanks for sharing your first draft. Below are a few thoughts to insure something inaccurate