Daily Fascism: Man Gets Death Penalty for Blasphemous Facebook Comments

Written by David Fisher While Berkeley rabble-rousers have an ongoing existential fight with non-existent fascism, Americans are ignoring the lessons that should be learned from real cases of fascism. Fascism exists when freedoms erode enough to allow it. The government of Pakistan has given us a glimpse into what it can look like in the

How Libertarians should speak to non-Libertarians

Written by Ian Tartt   All good sales associates know that it does not matter how good the products they’re selling are if they can’t convince anyone to buy them. To do this, they try to give potential customers a vision of how their lives will be improved if they buy the products. That’s very

How Would Daenerys Targaryen Destroy Kim Jong-Un?

Written by David Fisher Contributor What would Daenerys do? We love stories like Game of Thrones, but ignore the symbolism to our own lives. We enjoying watching characters break their chains and claim their freedom, but we assume real humans are powerless to do the same. All humans deserve freedom and must stop deferring their

Ron Paul: “NATO Has To Go” [VIDEO]

Written by Liberty Laura In a recent video, former Republican presidential candidate, Ron Paul says that “NATO has to go.” He argues that the founding fathers would not approve of acting on Russian aggression with military force and meddling in European wars. Check out the video below:

Gary Johnson with Military Times: Critiques Regime Change, “Chest-Beating” Politicians

By: Liberty Laura Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson met with Military Times last Thursday for an interview on his “not isolationist, but non-interventionist” foreign policy, and to explain how he’d be as a Commander-in-Chief. Johnson had one solid answer in particular… check it out: Military Times: We’ve seen higher support for you among members of the

Young Syrian Girl’s Singing Interrupted by Violent Airstrike [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura A sad day.

Heartbreaking Video of a Little Boy Hurt in Syrian Airstrike Goes Viral [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura The little boy, Omran, sits in an ambulance waiting for help after his family’s home was hit in an airstrike yesterday in Syria. Luckily, everyone in his family survived.

8 Times Breaking the Law Created Positive Change

By: Jeff Caldwell, II 1. Boston Tea Party   The Boston Tea Party was the first significant act of defiance by American colonists. John Adams and the Sons of Liberty destroyed imported tea from the British East India Company on December 16, 1773 by throwing the tea into the harbor. The group of colonists damaged the property in retaliation

Plot Twist: America Sends More People To Iraq

Written by an anonymous author The most warlike President to ever be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize is once again sending Americans into combat. He seems to be trying to reinforce his status as the best President at looking peaceful, while also sending a lot of soldiers overseas. The 101st Airborne is seeing 400 of its

Poll: Active Troops Support Libertarian Johnson Over Trump And Clinton

By: Liberty Laura A new poll conducted by, Doctrine Man, an online media personality for military service members, shows Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson polling higher than Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton among active troops. Johnson earned 38.7 percent of the active duty vote, versus 30.9 for Trump and 14.1 for Clinton. As reported by The Hill: “Members of the