AG Jeff Sessions Eats Edible; Calls for Immediate Decriminalization of Marijuana

Written By Nathaniel Cole This is a Liberty Onion article. All views expressed are satirical.  Last Tuesday Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave an urgent conference at the white House demanding that the use of Medical and Recreational marijuana be legalized nationally after eating a rice crispy treat. Sessions says that after coming from his lunch break

Cory Booker Introduces Doomed Pot Legalization Bill

Yesterday, Senator Cory Booker unveiled his proposed bill to completely end federal pot prohibition. Such a policy has support of, according to Gallop, roughly 60% of Americans and growing. It also has about as much chance at passing this session as Gary Johnson had of winning the electoral college. It’s said that politics is a

Women Arrested after Posting Facebook Video Smoking Pot with Toddler [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura Two women were arrested after posting a video of themselves smoking marijuana around a toddler, blowing smoke in his face, and putting the joint up to his mouth. Fox 31 reports: The video was shot inside a home on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation and posted on a Facebook page over the

Jesus Freaks Interrupt Sweet Hotbox Session [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura Shared by LiveLeak News on August 18, a video shows passerby Christians praying for a group of people tryna light it up, encouraging them to “get high on Jesus’ love” instead.

Government Returns 55 Pounds of Weed, Guns, Truck and More After Verdict

By: Jeff Caldwell, II I need this lawyer. No. No I don’t. But I do just in case. Michael Cindrich was able to obtain a “Not Guilty” verdict from a Los Angeles, California jury in a ten minute deliberation. Cindrich’s client has a medical cannabis card and rights to be a collective operator. A collective

This Is What A Cannabis Resort Full Of Weed Looks Like [VIDEO]

By: Jeff Caldwell, II Feel free to wake and bake at this Colorado resort. It offers many outdoor activities, including the freedom to smoke ganja.

DEA Saves Millions Of Americans From Dangerous Pot Heads

By: Crystal Byrd Citizens everywhere are breathing a collective sigh of relief after yesterday’s long-awaited DEA announcement. After making the nation wait for several days with much trepidation we can now all relax, knowing we are once again safe from the evils of marijuana and the people who use it.     One can only

8 Times Breaking the Law Created Positive Change

By: Jeff Caldwell, II 1. Boston Tea Party   The Boston Tea Party was the first significant act of defiance by American colonists. John Adams and the Sons of Liberty destroyed imported tea from the British East India Company on December 16, 1773 by throwing the tea into the harbor. The group of colonists damaged the property in retaliation

You Don’t Have To Like Marijuana To Vote Libertarian

By: Liberty Laura You don’t have to like marijuana to vote Libertarian. You don’t have to like gay marriage to vote Libertarian. You don’t have to like Mexicans to vote Libertarian. You don’t even have to like men to vote Libertarian. In fact, you can hate any or all of the above and still vote

New IRS Audits Target Marijuana Business in Colorado

By: Laura Meyers According to a new report by Marijuana Business Daily, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has “begun probing the large cash transactions of dozens of Colorado marijuana companies, sparking uncertainty and unease among cannabis entrepreneurs.” The audits focus on the appropriate use of Form 8300, which is required to report cash payments received of