Medical Marijuana Is Killing Big Govt. Here’s How…

By: Jeff Caldwell Medical marijuana laws saved Medicare $165.2 million according to the University of Georgia study published Wednesday in the journal Health Affairs. The research compiles the amount of prescriptions filled in the Medicare Part D program in the 17 states plus the District of Columbia with legalized medicinal marijuana through 2013 compared to the states that did not have medical marijuana.

Gary Johnson Knocks It Out Of The Park On Bill Maher! [HD VIDEO]

Gary Johnson appeared on Bill Maher as the only sane option that is going to be on the ballot in all 50 states. He spoke of women’s right to choose, marriage equality, legalization, and cutting military spending by 20 percent. Maher admits he hopes Johnson gets in the debates! Check it out here:

Beverly Hills “Marijuana Moms” Promote Stoned Parenting

By: Laura Meyers A group of mothers in Beverly Hills, who have dubbed themselves the “Marijuana Moms,” meet up for regular, three-course, weed-infused dinners to discuss what it’s like to be a better parent under the medication of Mary Jane- and the ladies are turning heads. One of the group members, Cheryl Shuman, 53-year-old mother of

Gary Johnson Vows to Replace White House Vegetable Garden with Marijuana Growery

By: Kevin Enilc In an interview for popular marijuana magazine “High Times” earlier this month, Libertarian Presidential Candidate Governor Gary Johnson (R-NM) swore to “…utilize the White House vegetable garden for a marijuana growery,” if he clinches the Pennsylvania Avenue residence this November “…during that whole election thing.” The vegetable garden in question is 1,100

This Lovable Pothead Played The Best Joke On His Butthurt Coworker

Potheads. We all know one. Hell, some of us are one. Lovable stoners are usually only funny to themselves. This one however… is funny to the world, for the ages.