That Awkward Moment When Libertarians Freak Out Over Boobs…

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Written by: Squiggly Line Guy
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Some of ya’ll need to calm your tits. It’s already bad enough the sperm count is dropping in the western world. Now we got folks that can’t handle boobs. I’m hoping we’re not doomed as a species.

The way people act on the internet, I’m surprised we don’t have a falling birth rate like they do in Japan. The country is packed with Beta Males who are all scared of women. Losers who can’t handle rejection, so they don’t try. It’ll be a catastrophe in the coming decades. Hell, I could fix their whole birth rate problem in a single weekend.

Let’s go back to a previous Liberty Viral article called 5 Reasons There Aren’t More Libertarian Women. All you need to know for this article is the very first reason. Shitty dudes are all about the individual except when it comes to women. Fellas, let’s not be losers.

The Libertarian Party began a campaign on their Facebook page showcasing Libertarians holding up their cards, and telling a little about themselves. It’s a great campaign meant to demonstrate the diversity of individual liberty. However it got too diverse for some, who became more uncomfortable than lactose-retarded Vegans in the dairy aisle. When Alaskan Libertarian Danielle Lynn was featured, they were set off by her boobs and behaved rather awkwardly.

What set these folks off is a line that allows you to differentiate left from right. It’s called cleavage. You see it everywhere. But some folks just can’t handle it.

Now before I showcase some of the special comments, whose authors are not being blurred out, it’s important to mention that the Libertarian Party’s posts are all public. It’s designed to be viewed by people as possible, and anybody can comment. So in fairness, it’s not a stretch at all to assume that some of the comments were not from Libertarians. It would be a stretch to assume though, that none of them were. Especially considering the history of some folks in the party.

Hey Geoff, your name is spelled wrong.
Do you have one Charles?
Would you voluntarily delete your account?
Wait, what? How? 
This stopped clock was only right once today.
You should give real women a try.


Okay, this one’s aight.

It didn’t stop with the comments though. Some losers actually took extra time to inbox her asking for nudes. Or asking her how much she sold that picture to the LP for. The picture was voluntary without compensation. But if she had sold it, who the hell cares? Libertarians are the party of Free Market Capitalism. That right of free trade and association is supported all the way through prostitution. How would selling that picture be insulting? Berating such a transaction sounds pretty Communist to me.

Danielle stated that she wore the same outfit to church earlier the same day, and had worked in the nursery. Not one member of her church noticed or made any mention. That should be a head-scratcher for the Anti-Theist wing of the party.

All in all, Danielle says she’s shrugged the whole thing off. She doesn’t care. She states that she’s too busy chasing away predators from her property in Alaska to worry about internet trolls. She plans to remain actively engaged in the Libertarian Party of Alaska, as well as supporting Austin Petersen‘s run for U.S. Senate in Missouri as a Republican.

But for those who are wondering why not enough women take interest in the party just remember, as stated above, the post and comments are public.

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  • A. Alexander Minsky

    Too many libertarian males behave as though they were just released from prison.

  • autonomous

    I’m a libertarian, not a Libertarian. Forty years ago I joined the Libertarian Party but let my membership lapse. Not because I was no longer a libertarian, but because I came to see that political parties are a part of the problem. The government is incapable of freeing people. People are born free. Government is by its nature enslavement: do this, don’t do that, and pay me for telling you what to do.

    Their are few women who are libertarians because for millennia the have been taught and forced to obey men. As a result, they are uncomfortable with the very idea of freedom and independence. The stridency of much of the women’s lib movement is a result of the difficulty of freeing themselves and their
    in acclimating themselves to freedom. All revolutions share those results, and most revolutions fail because of them.

    Freedom is not glorious, it is a burden. Most, when confronted with freedom, retreat back into slavery, they leap back out of the fire into the frying pan.

  • The two basic premises of the libertarian party are
    1. Humans are rational — they (and that includes most of you — are not. For evidence, answer this question:

    Each card has a number on one side, and a patch of color on the other. Which card(s) must be turned over to test the idea that if a card shows an even number on one face, then its opposite face is red?

    Most, if not almost all,of you will get it wrong.

    2. Humans are autonomous — they are not. They are part of groups, families, tribes etc.
    Women are, by nature, much more inclined to network than are men. So if you found a party of people who are — well shall we say against human nature, you will not have many females in it. I am not saying none, since all groups have outliers. Heck my domestic partner was the first journeyWOman woodworker in her state. But very feminine.

    Point being, The libertarian party will continue to go where it has gone for the past ??? 50+ years. NOWHERE. !!! And until you fix those two core problems, and learn how to appeal to women. well what can I say.

    FWIW I joined in 1974, and knew Dave Nolan. I droped out when I realized the above fundamental contradiction. Oh … and I was, at the time, an active tax resister, which is how I found them.