Thief Squirts Her Breast Milk To Throw Off Pursuers

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A woman in Germany is accused of squirting her breast milk at employees of a store she robbed. The woman apparently was attempting to distract the staff from pursuing her after she grabbed 100 euros and fled.

From the Local: 

The mother entered the store at 4.25pm and asked to buy a breast pump, police reported.

But after handing over a €200-note to pay for her €20 purchase, she suddenly uncovered one breast and used her fingers to squirt milk from it at the pharmacist.

She then rummaged through the counter display and went to a second cash register.

Ignoring the pleas of staff and customers to cover herself up, she again rooted through the counter displays and unleashed a fresh spray of milk.

Apparently satisfied with her handiwork, she quickly left the pharmacy, leaving the breast pump behind.

No word on whether the woman was apprehended as of yet. Breast milk can very easily spread disease or bacteria if the mother is carrying it. These employees are likely going to want to get tested for rabies or something if they came into contact with the fluid.


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  • Darrin Woodard

    Chocolate or soy milk?. Hell I might even have given her $100 just for the show. Rabies?!?! LOL!

  • Slātlantican

    This is just one more example proving that all public places need to be videotaped, 24 hours a day.