Third-Party Senate Candidate Pulled from Debate Stage by Police [VIDEO]

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Written by Liberty Laura

Dr. Margaret Flowers, a Green Party candidate for United States Senate in Maryland was escorted off a debate stage when she attempted to include herself in the discussion.

Van Hollen, a seven-term Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives and Del. Kathy Szeliga, a Republican, the minority whip in the Maryland House of Delegates were the only two candidates on the ballot of whom were included.

When Flowers attempted to include herself, suggesting she deserved a place because she is on the ballot and has a statewide campaign, both made efforts to persuade the moderators to allow her a place.

However, she was still asked to leave by a moderator and eventually escorted out by police.

The televised debate was sponsored by The Baltimore Sun, the League of Women Voters and the University of Baltimore.

Watch the video below:


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