This Is How Much That Lying Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber Got In Taxpayer Money

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Former Senator Obama should talk to President Obama about that Jonathan Gruber guy who he denied knowing about. A video has emerged showing the president discussing him warmly, and claiming that he sometimes stole ideas from him. Gruber’s comments about how deceitful the passage of Obamacare was have people wondering just how involved he was and what he got paid. Well… here it is.


Gruber was a paid healthcare consultant who secured millions in federal and state contracts over the last fifteen years. In 2009, Gruber was hired by the Department of Health and Human Services for approximately $400,000  to produce “a series of technical memoranda on the estimated changes in health insurance coverage and associated costs and impacts to the government under alternative specifications of health system reform.”

Gruber also received a deal for around $2 million for his role in crafting changes to the Medicare Part D plan. Also, the Department of Justice gave him around $1.74 million for helping to develop incentives to tobacco companies in order to deter them from targeting teen smokers. In addition, Gruber earned $103,500 from the State Department as an expert witness in a NAFTA case involving a Canadian tobacco firm.

But wait! There’s more!

State governments have paid exorbitant fees to Gruber, totaling around $1.6 million. His computer models have been sold for around $400,000 to several states in order to get their health care exchanges up and running.

Fox News spoke to Tom Shoop of to ask whether the professor had found himself a fairly lucrative nich in gaining access to taxpayer funds. “They do seem like fairly large state contracts, particularly relative to the size of some of these states. I think he’s unusual in terms of the scale and scope of it. There are not a lot of individual university economists who get this level of funding from federal and state governments.”

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